Our Value Proposition

We help organizations transition to clean solar energy by removing the financial and technical constraints that can make this transition challenging.

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we provide technical guidance to help organizations find the right solar solution

Transitioning to solar requires some technical expertise that many organizations don’t have in-house. We help organizations understand their energy profile, select the right technical solution for their operation, and guide them through different options for purchasing the system or outsourcing the energy production through a service agreement.

We invest in energy infrastructure so organizations can adopt solar without upfront capital

Transitioning to solar does require a large upfront capital investment to cover the cost of the system. Organizations with annual operating budgets usually cant make this investment. We have developed several financing and service based solutions that enable organizations to adopt solar without making a large upfront capital investment and start realizing cost savings from day one.


we streamline operations so organizations can focus on what they do best

Organizations that manage their own energy production spend resources on sourcing fuel and maintaining equipment which leads to inefficient operations. We have developed several solar services solutions that enable organizations to outsource energy production and focus their resources on delivering programs and services to the local communities.