Solar power solutions for humanitarian and development organizations.

We help international
organizations transition to solar energy


Kube Energy supplies electricity from off-grid energy solutions so organizations can reduce energy costs, streamline operations and lower carbon emissions


Why transition to solar

Transitioning to solar can help organizations reduce energy costs, increase energy security, reduce carbon emissions and improve staff wellbeing.

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Our value proposition

We help organizations transition to clean solar energy by removing the financial and technical constraints that can make this transition challenging.

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Explore our solar solutions

We offer different financing and service based solutions to help organizations transition to solar and realize immediate cost savings from day one.

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Schedule a consultation

Our team will conduct an energy assessment of your organization and help you pick the right technical solution and explore financing and solar services options.

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We all have an obligation to fight climate change

Renewable energy has to increase from 20% of today’s electricity mix to 67%, and greenhouse pollution must decrease by 45% from 2010 figures by 2030 for us to avoid the most serious effects of climate change.

International organizations that operate diesel generators produce thousands of tons of greenhouse pollution every day and have a responsibility to transition to clean energy.



A practical solar guide for international organizations

Transitioning to solar energy can deliver significant benefits for international organizations, but can involve complex management and procurement processes. Operating solar systems also requires technical skills that many organizations don’t have in-house.

This guide will help organizations to make more informed decisions about how to adopt solar energy by explaining:

  • Four different options for transitioning to solar

  • Pros and cons and economic analysis of each option

  • Good practices for organizations starting their clean energy journey